Paxiúba Package - 3 days, 2 nights


3 Days, 2 Nights



Day 1) Pick up from your hotel at 8 am to the Ceasa Port and a visit to the small fish Market where you will have the chance to take great photos and see the wide variety of fresh fish from the Amazon River.

We move to our speed boat where you will make a stop on a xiborena to visit a small fish farm to see and ‘play’ with the giant-scaled fresh water fish, known as Arapaima or Piracurú. Afterwards we head down to the Meeting of the Waters where the Rio Negro and Solimões join to form the mighty Amazon River.

You will have opportunities for photos and get an explanation of this marvelous phenomenon. From here you will continue along the Solimões to the Carreiro Village where our car or van will be waiting to take you along the trans-Amazonas highway (the BR 319/AM 254) for about an hour and a half to where we will make a stop to see the giant water lilies.
Then it’s on to the Mutuca River where we will take you to our lodge for lunch by regional wooden canoe. After a delicious lunch you will take everything we need, like mineral water for 1 day, food supplies, and a hammock with mosquito nets, and you leave for the jungle camp by canoe.

When you arrive at Igarapé do Bodo, you will start to make camp and put up your hammock with mosquito net.

Later you will head out to set up fish nets to get some fish for dinner and explore the area. We will wait out on the water until it gets get dark to spot Caiman and then go to spear fish, just like the locals. We return to the campsite to cook dinner and sleep overnight.

Day 2) Up at 5:30 am to leave camp by canoe to see an Amazon sunrise and spot more wildlife, as they become active. We return to camp for a simple breakfast and then take down our hammock and mosquito net to hike to a camp in another spot deeper in the jungle. On the way you will have opportunity to learn about medicinal plants and some survival techniques, such as how to make a trap.
We will find a good spot for camp where you will put up your hammock tree to tree, and cook a meal. Later in the afternoon, you will take a walk along jungle trails until after dark to spot more night life and insects. We return to camp for overnight.

Day 03) Simple breakfast, and start to take down everything and start to walk back to the first camp to take the canoe back to the main jungle lodge. You will arrive at the lodge by 12:00 pm for lunch and then at 2:00 pm you start to come back to Manaus, arriving at about 5:00 pm